We are an information security research group at the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

The goal of the Secure Systems research group is to create new technologies and design and analysis methods for the development of secure computing and communication systems. The new technologies should be, at the same time, secure, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy. As is typical for security research, our results also include the discovery of novel attacks and previously unknown classes of vulnerabilities in existing systems. Security against malicious attacks is a basic requirement for all network-connected services and products, and scientific research can provide both fundamental understanding of the security issues and practical solutions that enable product development.


  • December 10: Demo Day 2019 will be held on May 29, 2019!
  • December 5: ACM has named Prof. N. Asokan ACM Fellow for his contributions to systems security and privacy, especially of mobile systems. Congratulations! Read more from Aalto News.
  • November 12: Hans Liljestrand’s master’s thesis Linux Kernel Memory Safety has been selected as the best information security master’s thesis in Finland! Congratulations! Read more at Tietoturva, University of Helsinki.
  • November 8: Aalto University and the University of Helsinki are looking for Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows in ICT! Deadline November 29. Read more from HIIT website.
  • October 18: Prof. N. Asokan received the 2018  ACM SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award  for his pioneering research on fair-exchange protocols, trusted device pairing and mobile trusted execution environments that has had widespread impact and led to large-scale deployment. Congratulations! Read more on ICRI-CARS website.
  • September 14: Congratulations to a new Doctor of Science in Technology! Elena Reshetova M.Sc., defended her dissertation “Mobile and embedded platform security” today at the Aalto University School of Science.

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