Existing cloud storage protection solutions use passwords to derive encryption keys. This allows easy access to encrypted storage from multiple devices. However, this approach is vulnerable to brute force attacks and requires user engagement. We want to provide a solution which uses client-side encryption with strong keys (possibly protected by on-device trusted hardware) without significant reduction in the user experience. The solution is also available on different types of devices (Mobiles, Desktop).

Available applications

        • A beta version (supporting Android, Windows, and Dropbox) is currently available to early users. To become an early user, please opt-in using the following

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  • OmniShare paper accepted for publication in IEEE Internet Computing magazine, April 2017
  • Omnishare wins first prize at the MAPPING Privacy via IT Security app competition at CeBIT 2016, March 2016
  • Video, March 2016
  • Blog article, February 2016


  • OmniShare: Encrypted Cloud Storage for the Multi-Device Era – Accepted for publication in IEEE Internet Computing magazine (pre-print coming soon), April 2017

Technical report



Current Team Members

Previous Team Members

  • Long Nguyen: The original OmniShare concept was the subject of Long’s MSc thesis at Aalto University.
  • Binghui Liu
  • Mihai Bucicoiu


OmniShare is open-source software, available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.