The SELIoT (SEcuring Lifecycle of Internet of Things) project proposes to address the currently pervasive lack of IoT security by a comprehensive approach that spans the entire lifecycle of an IoT device. Security of typical IoT devices is glaringly inadequate despite the fact that these devices have an unprecedented access to sensitive data and/or ability to control the environment. While previous results considered specific vulnerabilities or focused on basic security issues (e.g., key management), this project takes into account the unique context of IoT systems: starting with initial deployment (birth), continuing through normal operation (life) and lasting until repurposing, caused by, e.g., ownership change or disposal.

SELIoT is a project funded by the Academy of Finland (grant 309994) and the NSF (2017-2019) under the ausipecs of the WiFiUS program. It is a joint project between Aalto University, the University of Florida and the University of California Irvine.

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