Secure Systems Demo Day 2021 will be held virtually on June 15!

Every year we organize a Demo Day to showcase our current research in information security and to seek valuable inputs from external visitors. The event is intended to bring local academia and industry together and give them an overview of information security research going on in Finland’s capital area.

Secure Systems annual Demo Days are public events and free of charge. Events are organized by the Secure Systems research groups at Aalto University and University of Helsinki in collaboration with Helsinki-Aalto Institute for Cybersecurity (HAIC).

Please register to receive an invitation to join our online event! Registration is open until the end of event.


15:00-15:45 Demo day opening and research highlights, HAIC director Janne Lindqvist

15:45-18:00 Poster session & company desks

18:00-20:00 Get-together


List of presentations in the poster session (please check back for updates):

5G and applied cryptography


  • Chris Brzuska’s research group, Aalto University: Please visit our “Crypto coffee room” to say why and how you are interested in cryptography

Human-Computer Interaction and Security Engineering: Usable Security and Privacy

  • Janne Lindqvist’s research group, Aalto University: Please visit our virtual coffee room to say why and how you are interested in human side and psychology of security engineering.

Machine learning and security

  • Buse Atli, Aalto University:
    • Dataset Watermarking
    • Real-time Attacks Against Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies
  • Eleonora Micozzi, Aalto University: Guarantees of Differential Privacy in Overparameterised Models
  • Sebastian Szyller, Aalto University: Model Extraction Attacks Against Image Translation Generative Adversarial Networks

Network security and protocols

Platform security

Securing federated learning            

 Usable security

Company desks:

Demo days have been an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to network and search for open positions within the local infosec industry and academia. This time we have two company desks organized by F-Secure and Huawei. Please visit them during the poster session to meet company representatives and learn about available student positions!