Conference paper publications

Journal publications

  • Tommi Gröndahl and N. Asokan: Text Analysis in Adversarial Settings: Does Deception Leave a Stylistic Trace? ACM Computing Surveys (ACM CSUR) 2019. arXiv preprint

Demos & Posters

  • CS Research Day 2020: Tommi Gröndahl: Improving toxic language classification despite data scarcity (October 1, Aalto University), video
  • Secure Systems Demo Day 2019EAT2seq: Controlled Sentence Transformation without Task-specific Training (May 29, Aalto University), poster
  • Secure Systems Demo Day 2019ParChoice: Effective Writing Style Imitation Using Combinatorial Paraphraising (May 29, Aalto University), poster
  • CS Research Day 2018: Tommi Gröndahl: All you need is “love”: Evading hate speech detection (November 2018, Aalto University), demo
  • Secure Systems Demo Day 2018: Tommi Gröndahl and Luca Pajola: All You Need is “Love”: Evading Hate-speech Detection (June 2018, Aalto University), poster
  • Secure Systems Demo Day 2018: Mika Juuti, Bo Sun, Tatsuya Mori and N. Asokan: Stay On-Topic: Generating Context-specific Fake Restaurant Reviews (June 2018, Aalto University), poster

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Hate speech detection

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