Every summer we organize a “Demo Day” to showcase our work during the previous 12-month period. Demo Day 2019 will be held on May 29. This event is part of Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security (HAIC) public outreach program and jointly organized by the Secure Systems Group at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The event is intended to bring local academia and industry together and give them an overview of information security research going on in Finland’s capital area. The event is an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to network and search for open positions within the local infosec industry and academia. If you are interested in the programs of the previous Demo Days, you can find them here: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.

Advertising job opportunities to students: Since there will be many students attending the Demo Day, we would like to give the opportunity to our industry partners to meet with the students and advertise internship and thesis positions they have open. If you are interested in presenting your company at Demo Day 2019, please contact our co-ordinator Dr. Niina Idänheimo, Email: niina.idanheimo@aalto.fi. Attending companies (the list will be updated as companies join):

  • F-Secure
  • Huawei
  • Nixu
  • Elisa
  • Intopalo Digital
  • Ericsson


Demo Day is a public event and we welcome your attendance, but please register to attend the event, thank you!

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Venue and Date:

Date: 29 May, 2019

Time: 13:00 – 17:45

Location: Lectures in the lecture hall T1, posters and demos in the library, CS-building, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo.


13:00-13:45: “State-of-the-Union” presentation by Prof. N. Asokan, T1 lecture hall, CS building [slides]

13:45-14:00: Coffee break. Coffee & tea & buns will be served in front of the library during the afternoon.

14:00- 17:45: Demonstrations and poster presentations + job opportunities for students in the library, CS building


List of presentations

Secure Systems Group, Aalto University:

  • Thanh Bui, Sid Rao: “Client-side Vulnerabilities in Commercial VPNs”, poster
  • Mika Juuti, Buse Gul Atli: “Making Targeted Evasion Attacks Effective and Efficient”, ICRI-CARS project, poster + demo
  • Buse Gul Atli,  Sebastian Szyller: “Stealing Complex DNN Models: Limitations and Defense Strategies”  ICRI-CARS project, poster + demo
  • Tommi Gröndahl: “EAT2seq: Controlled Sentence Transformation without Task-specific Training”, poster + demo
  • Tommi Gröndahl, Andrei Kazlouski, Sam Spilsbury: “ParChoice: Effective Writing Style Imitation Using Combinatorial Paraphraising”, poster
  • Sebastian Szyller, Samuel Marchal: “Detecting E-commerce Fraud with Large Scale Categorical Clustering”, poster
  • Aleksi Peltonen: “Misbinding Attacks on Secure Device Pairing”, poster + demo
  • Thomas Nyman: “HardScope: Protecting Embedded Systems Against Data-Oriented Attacks”, ICRI-CARS, CloSer, SELIoT, HARP, poster
  • Hans Liljestrand, Thomas Nyman: “Pointer Authentication: What’s the Point?”, HARP, SELIoT,  demo
  • Hans Liljestrand, Thomas Nyman: “PACStack: Authenticated Call Stack”, HARP, SELIoT, poster
  • Hans Liljestrand, Thomas Nyman: “PARTS: Towards Pointer Integrity with Pointer Authentication”, HARP, SELIoT, poster
  • Saara Matala: “Designing Trust. The Historical Insight into the Emergence of Trusted Execution Environment “, TEE-history project, poster
  • Arseny Kurnikov: “S-Faas: Trustworthy and Accountable Function-as-a-Service using Intel SGX”, ICRI-CARS project, poster +  demo
  • Lachlan Gunn: “Making Speculative BFT Resilient with Trusted Monotonic Counters”, ICRI-CARS/BCon project, poster + demo
  • Pooja Yadav, Lachlan Gunn: “Tolerating Common-Mode Faults in Byzantine Consensus”, ICRI-CARS/BCon project, poster + demo
  • Jorden Whitefield, Lachlan Gunn: “APOC: Attesting Properties of Containers”, poster
  • Amit Tambe: “Amplifying IoT Honeypots with Dynamic Traffic Replay”, poster

Secure Systems Group, University of Helsinki:

  • Andrey Shorov: “Privacy Issues of Autonomous Shared Vehicles”, poster
  • Sara Ramezanian: “Privacy Preserving 2-party Queries on Bipartite Graphs with Private Set Intersection”, poster
  • Gizem Akman: “Embedded UICC in 5G AKMA”, poster
  • Tommi Meskanen: “HELIOS – a Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Platform”, poster
  • Milad Bahadori, Kimmo Järvinen: “Functional Encryption on FPGAs: Multi-Core Architecture for Inner-Product Computations”, Functional Encryption Technologies (FENTEC), EU Horizon 2020 project, poster
  • Mohsin Khan: “Privacy Preserving AKMA in 5G”, poster


  • Le Nguyen, Ambient Intelligence Group, COMNET-ELEC, Aalto University: “Collaborative Learning with Private Data and Binary Feedback”, poster
  • Rainhard Findling, Le Ngu Nguyen, Stephan Sigg, Ambient Intelligence Group, COMNET-ELEC, Aalto University: “Closed-Eye Gaze Gestures: Detection and Recognition of Closed-Eye Movements with Cameras in Smart Glasses”, poster
  • Estuardo Alpirez Bock, Cryptography research group, Aalto University“White-box Cryptography”, poster

Presentation templates for:

  • Poster (mandatory template only for Prof. N. Asokan’s group)
  • 1-slide (mandatory template for every presentation!)


SSG Demo Day is annual event showcasing latest research on information security at SsgAalto and HAIC. Read about this year's event: https://haic.fi/secure-systems-demo-day-2019/

Julkaissut Department of Computer Science – Aalto University Tiistaina 11. kesäkuuta 2019

Video made by Matti Alhgren, Aalto University