Every summer we organize a “Demo Day” to showcase our work during the previous 12-month period (link to the previous Demo Days). Next Demo Day will be held on June 20, 2018. This event is part of Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security (HAIC) public outreach program and jointly organized by the Secure Systems Group at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The event is intended to bring local academia and industry together and give them an overview of information security research going on in Finland’s capital area. The event is an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to network and search for open positions within the local infosec industry and academia.

Job offers for students: Since there will be many students attending the Demo Day, we would like to give the opportunity to our industry partners to meet with the students and advertise internship and thesis positions they have open. If you are interested in presenting your company at Demo Day 2018, please send the requested information (PDF and list of names) to our co-ordinator Dr. Niina Idänheimo, Email: niina.idanheimo@aalto.fi. Attending companies (the list will be updated as companies join): Callstats, Nixu, F-Secure, Ericsson, Elisa.

Please note that prior to Demo Day, on June 19, we will have two other interesting talks by renowned researchers in information security and cryptology:

Demo Day is a public event and we welcome your attendance. But we ask you to register for the event. Use the following registration link:

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Venue and Date:

Date: 20 June 2018

Time: 12:00 – 17:45

Location: Lectures in the lecture hall T1, posters and demos in the library, CS-building (T-Building), Konemiehentie 2, Espoo.


12:00 – 13:30: HAIC TalksScience of Security—Theory vs. Measuring the Observable World – with Paul van Oorschot (Carleton University, Canada), lecture hall T1, CS building.

13:30 – 14:00: “State-of-the-Union” presentation by Prof. N. Asokan, lecture hall T1, CS building.  [slides]

14:00: Coffee/tea & buns will be served in front of the library.

14:15 – 17:45: Demonstrations and poster presentations in the library, CS building (pdfs of posters will be updated as they become available; so please check back):

Secure Systems Group, Aalto University:

  • Thomas Nyman “HardScope: Hardware-assisted Run-time Scope Enforcement“, poster + demo
  • Tommi Gröndahl & Luca Pajola “Evading hate speech detection“, poster
  • Sebastian Szyller & Alexey Dmitrenko “PRADA: Protecting against DNN Model Stealing Attacks“, ICRI-CARS project, poster + demo
  • Max Reuter “Privacy Preserving Deep Neural Network Prediction using Trusted Hardware“, ICRI-CARS project, poster
  • Samuel Marchal “DÏoT: A Crowdsourced Self-learning Approach for Detecting Compromised IoT Devices“, SELIoT project, poster
  • Jian Liu “Robust and efficient sharding for smart contracts“, BCon project, poster
  • Tange Koen “SACBFT: single active counter Byzantine fault tolerance“, BCon project, poster
  • Shohreh Hosseinzadeh “Control Flow Obfuscation to Mitigate Branch-Shadowing Attack on Intel SGX“, poster
  • Siddhart Rao & Markku Antikainen “Man-in-the-Machine (MitMa): Exploiting Ill-Secured Communication Inside the Computer“, poster
  • Fritz Alder “Migrating SGX Enclaves with Persistent State“, CloSer project, poster
  • Arseny Kurnikov “Cloud Key Store“, CloSer project, poster + demo
  • Arseny Kurnikov “SafeKeeper: Protecting Web Passwords using Trusted Execution Environments“, poster + demo
  • Aleksi Peltonen “Model Checking the EAP-NOOB Protocol“, poster
  • Mika Juuti “Stay On-Topic: Generating Context-specific Fake Restaurant Reviews“, poster + demo
  • Lachlan Gunn & Ricardo Vieitez Parra “Breaking and repairing deniable messaging using remote attestation“, poster
  • Hans Liljestrand “PARTS: Code- and Data-flow Integrity using ARM Pointer Authentication“, poster
  • Mustafa Khalid “Occupant identity leakage from CO2 sensors“, poster
  • Mariia Kovtun “Scalable Honeypot Monitoring and Analytics“, poster


Secure Systems Group, University of Helsinki:

  • Sara Ramezanian & Tommi Meskanen “Privacy-preserving graph searches“, poster + demo
  • Andrey Shorov & Peter Karis “5G  testbed for network slicing security evaluation“, poster + demo
  • Raine Nieminen & Kimmo Järvinen “Privacy-protecting positioning mechanisms“, poster + demo
  • Mohsin Khan “Identity privacy in 5G, defeating downgrade attack“, poster
  • Masoud Naderpour & Andrey Shorov “Privacy-preserving carsharing for autonomous, connected cars“, poster
  • Gizem Akman “Providing Identity Privacy in 5G Networks using Pseudonyms“, poster + demo


Visitor groups:

  • Rainhard Findling “Mobile Match-on-Card Authentication Using Offline-Simplified Models with Gait and Face Biometrics“, posterAmbient Intelligence Group, Aalto University
  • Le Nguyen “Representation Learning for Sensor-based Device Pairing“, posterAmbient Intelligence Group, Aalto University
  • Maxim Smirnov & Päivi Tynninen “Clustering spam campaigns“, poster. ITMO University / Aalto University / F-Secure
  • Amit Tambe “A Scalable VPN-forwarded IoT Honeypot for COTS Devices“, poster. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Secure Systems Demo Day 2018 brought our international visitors, industry and local academia including students together and gave an overview of information security research going on in Finland’s capital area. Photo by Matti Ahlgren.

Presentation templates for:

  • Poster (mandatory template only for Prof. N. Asokan’s group)
  • 1-slide (mandatory template for every presentation!)